Monthly Archives: April 2014

We Are Your Friend

You can totally trust us!

Kidding aside, there has just been another update.

  • A bug in the message system has been fixed.
  • Our staff admin chars Rammy and Lithion are now automatically friends to every player. This enables you to send us in-game messages directly.
  • You can now ignore friends, meaning that he or she can’t send you messages.

We invite you to send us messages in-game if you find bugs that you feel nobody should know about or encounter other strange things that seem important. However, we will set you on ignore if you are spamming us – so please don’t abuse this feature. We are further working on bug fixing and new game mechanics, so don’t expect full-time staff support.


Late Easter Update

I’m feeling a bit social today…

Finally, an update again! Today it’s all about making friends and communicating with them.
You can now go near other players to make a friend request.


The other player is then asked if he or she wants to accept – just like when trading with each other.


If the other player accepts, the both of you are friends! You can see all your friends with a click on the social button.


In the social window you can manage your friends – show information, send a message or remove the friend.


You can also decide to provide your online status and even your current region for your friends here. In the example above, Horsti checked both checkboxes. The region will be updated every few seconds.

In addition, you can now send text messages to and receive them from your friends!


The message will be sent instantly and the recipient will get a notification. Text messages are stored on the server, so you can send them to offline players. They will be able to read them as soon as they go online. Use the Messages button to show, delete and reply to messages.


Hope you had a nice Eastern. Enjoy the new features, more is coming!


Quite a few fixes.

The latest client and server update contains:

  • Introduced small delays for certain actions such as using items, quick pickup, disassembling,… to reduce network load.
  • Internally reworked the quick pickup function so it needs less traffic and doesn’t block the server networking thread.
  • Fixed some issues that led to server crashes when killing NPCs.
  • Expanded H(ide GUI) to a 3-way function. First: everything is visible. Second: some texts are hidden – useful for editor mode. Third: all GUI elements are hidden.
  • Hide-Region flag now available for players – regions with that flag are blacked out on the map (not for the owner and admins, they see everything).
  • You can now turn off the construction sounds in the options menu.
  • New flag for sound source triggers: “Random Start” – If set, the sound won’t go off in the very moment you enter the listening radius, but will start after some random time in between the provided playback times.
  • Bugfix: transparent objects that are decoration of combined objects are now rendered correctly (they were rendered twice before, so they seemed less transparent).
  • Bugfix: transparent objects on the ground layer are now rendered correctly.
  • Bugfix: Deco objects with animated base objects on the ground layer should now be rendered correctly.
  • Bugfix: Animated deco objects with base objects on the ground layer should now be rendered correctly.

As always, before posting bugs please read this thread to avoid redundant bug reports.

Don’t worry, we’re not dead!

Not even close!

Sorry for the long drought – we had to figure out, and fix some more, server related bugs and even more multithreading issues. So a lot of programming done in the last week happened in “the background”. I’m cautiously satisfied with the server performance at this moment, so new features for you, the players, are just about to be implemented.


As a little treat for you new window graphics have been integrated – actually transparent ones. Check them out! In addition, there is a bunch of new dynamic door objects, among them wooden and metal gates with new sounds. They are available at the Caravan Trader.

Also, Lithion is currently building on a whole new area in the World of Gonzo for you to explore. I don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but it will be a different climate and vegetation than you know from Noob Island – so stay tuned!



More fixes!

Hey guys!
The server is online again with lots of internal fixes and refinements. Hopefully, this has further increased the server stability.

The update contains:

  • Bugfix: Dropdown-mouse-over recognition – you should now be able to select all elements from dropdown menus (e.g. in the teleporter editor context).
  • Bugfix: Servercrash when selling stacks of items to NPCs.
  • Bugfix: The quick-item-pickup should now stack correctly – partially filled stacks should now be filled correctly, even if there is no free inventory slot.
  • Various internal fixes and refinements regarding multithreading; parallel processing is a tough nut!
  • You can now see the name of every dynamic object on-screen by pressing SHIFT. Useful for small items or objects behind trees and such.
  • We now have a new, more reliable debug server, thanks to Lithion. This enables us to test new features and fixes before applying them to the live server.

Sorry that there wasn’t much contact from my side with the community lately. But when serious discomfort comes up, like a defective world save function or server crashing issues, then I have to crawl into my cave and can’t let anything get to me, not even sleep or food, before I made at least moderate progress on solving the problem.

Thanks for your bug reports though! That stuff is really helpful.