Monday update. Fun stuff added!


  • What’s New:
    • New skill in the Exploration – Survival tree to increase the jump duration.
    • Color Ball ammunition for the sling and slingshot. This ammo is non-lethal; you can’t hit NPCs with it, but players. The dye wears off with time.anim_color_balls
    • Mystery Chests and keys.
      • Mystery Chests spawn in the woods on Noob Island and vanish again after some time.
      • You need a key to open a chest; those keys can be found in the loot of various enemies (not in Chickens or Sheep though).
      • Mystery Chests can contain various items.
        • A decent amount of valuables to sell at NPCs (without skill: 1000 – 2000 coins).
        • Crafting resources (tier I and II).
        • Color Ball ammunition for the Sling and Slingshot.
        • Blueprints (tier I and II).


    • New Combat Challenge: Death from Above. Perform successful jump attacks.
    • New Combat Challenge: Grasshopper. Evade projectiles by jumping that would otherwise hit you.
    • Jump Attack! A melee attack shortly after landing from a jump does double damage.anim_jumpattack
  • Changes:
    • Lowered resource cost for hatchets and pickaxes.
    • Moved big Wasp and Hornet swarms further away from Znulf, so new players won’t mistake them for easy enemies.
    • Wasp charge now takes the player hit timer into account, so no more instant damage accumulation on players and therefore instant death for players who get hit by multiple charges at once.

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Check out the new features and please give us feedback in the forums. If you find an exploit, please send me an ingame message.

See ya ingame,