Player Character

Graphically, a player character consists of a charpic and a body (which is four animations).

Charpic Left Up Down Right

Later on, premium players will be able to change their chosen charpic or body. You can even upload your own graphics and use those for unique customization!

Basic Stats

  • Hitpoints Hitpoints
    Those represent your health. If your hitpoints drop to zero, you die.
  • Stamina Stamina
    Certain actions, such as fighting, consume stamina. If your stamina is too low, you can’t perform those actions. Regenerates slower when you are moving.

Experience and Character Level

There are certain actions, such as defeating enemies or constructing something, that reward you with experience points. With enough of those you’ll gain a character level and receive skill points that you can use to increase your skills.

Skills button_skills

Skills can yield permanent bonuses, allow for the use of new items or grant new abilities. Different skills have different prerequisites. Every skill needs a certain skill tree value to be able to be raised. Some skills even require other skills to be maxed out, like advanced or elite skills of the same type.


Every time you perform an action that somehow affiliates to a certain skill tree, you’ll get rune points for that specific subject. For example: successfully hitting and defeating enemies rewards you with combat rune points. With enough rune points you’ll receive a rune of that type. Those runes are automatically converted into the affiliated skill tree points and therefore raise the skill tree level.


There are certain kinds of resources that are needed throughout the game:

  • Coins icon_coin
    Coins are the currency in the world of Gonzo. They can be used to pay for items at NPC merchants or other players. The primary way of acquiring coins is defeating enemies or selling items.
  • Nails icon_nails
    Nails are needed for construction. Changing ground tiles or placing structure objects – you’ll need nails for it. They cannot be sold by players. You can buy them at NPC merchants.
  • Pixels pixel_black pixel_red pixel_green pixel_yellow pixel_blue pixel_magenta pixel_cyan pixel_white
    Pixels come in eight different colors: black, red, green, yellow, blue, magenta, cyan and white. You need them to place structure objects. Gather pixels by slaying enemies.

Non-Player Character (NPC)

Enemies Wasp

The most abundant form of NPCs. Interactive by combat.

Merchants Merchant

Those are mostly peaceful fellows that will trade with you. Different merchants may have different items in stock, so look around thoroughly.

Auxiliary Dog

This category is for NPCs you can’t really interact with, as they are invulnerable and don’t respond to your actions. For example wisps in the woods, caravan cattle or a merchant’s dog. Those are only there for the good looks of it.

Now that you know about characters, you’ll probably want to kill some. Continue with the chapter about combat.