What’s (not) going on?!

Firstly, the all important message: Gardens of Gonzo is not dead.

However, clearly the development doesn’t seem to go forward. I’ll explain, why.

In July 2015 I got a full-time job in a professional game studio as programmer, had to move to another city, got to know new people. Full-time job and my ‘new life’ prevent me, obviously, to work as hard on Gardens of Gonzo as I could before.

Nonetheless, I am working on it, putting some of my spare time into the project I love and still want to complete at some point! There already are big improvements and code base changes happening behind the curtains. So again: Gardens of Gonzo is not dead.

I’ll keep the server running and try to better myself (i.e. try to invest more time) regarding interacting with you guys in the forums and ingame. (:

See ya in a few,