Monthly Archives: March 2014

Server Unstable

I am currently struggling with new kinds of server crashes and deadlocks. I’m working hard to fix those issues with a more final solution.
That means reworking some parts in the server code as well as many restarts/shutdowns, probably without proper world saving during that time.

You’ll be notified here when the server is stable again.

Another Update

Mostly bugfixes and container locks.


  • Fixed a client crash that occurred, when using Q on an open container item in inventory.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred, when dragging items from the player trade window.
  • Fixed a bug where no auto-aggro NPC in the vicinity would attack you.
  • Using Q on items that are in a container in the inventory now transfers the items to the inventory.
  • Close containers with another click on the container item.
  • Line-of-sight checks introduced for NPC and player trade.
  • Containers can now be locked. Normal ownership rules apply.
    So if you lock a fixed container on your property, no other player can take stuff from it. But if you give the container to another player, he or she will be the new owner and will be able to open it.
    Note: players can still put stuff into a locked container by dragging items over the container object. That way you can use locked containers like a mailbox.

Sorry for the delay on the promised farming feature. I had to sort some things out in my personal life this week.


Some player suggestions, some adjustments to make player advancement faster for alpha testing.

The update contains the following:

  • The amount of pixels you get from disassembling objects depends on the object’s value.
  • The amount of pixels you get from destructibles depends on their hitpoints.
  • Considerably more pixels from NPC kills.
  • Considerably more coins from NPC kills.
  • Considerably more experience from NPC kills.
  • Overall loot drop rate has been doubled.
  • The superiority-factor formula (that gives you less pixels/exp/coins when your level is way above the NPC’s level) has been nerfed (meaning that you get more).
  • The specific drop rate for crafting resources has been quadrupled.
  • Increased stack limit for valuables to 200.
  • Increased stack limit for consumables to 50.
  • You can now transfer items from containers to inventory and back with the quick action key Q.
  • You can now buy 10 items at once from NPCs by pressing control and a whole stack by pressing shift.
  • You can now sell 10 items at once to NPCs by pressing control and a whole stack by pressing shift.
  • Berry bushes now yield more berries.

First Gameplay Video

An introductory gameplay video has come up.

I love how, without any serious publicity or advertising yet, already a small community arose in Gardens of Gonzo. Those guys are paving the way to make the development of this game go forward by providing feedback, suggestions and bug reports.

In the past two weeks that the game is online (in pre-alpha state), there have already been major updates, fixes and feature implementations. I, as the developer of this game, am currently bound to implementing new features and fixing bugs. So I’m more than glad and thankful that a player undertook the task of making a small introductory gameplay video.

Check it out:

Thanks a lot to ZeroInFo56 for providing the video!

By the way, a new major feature will come up this week. It may have to do something with farming…
So keep tracking. 😉

And check out the game’s IndieDB profile!

Another Small Update

The update today contains:

  • Object placement fix: placed dynamic objects’ positions are now rounded. Placing doors pixel-correctly should now work properly.
  • You can now place tiles and change their blending flags on estate borders.
  • Show/hide the HUD by pressing H (e.g. for screenshot purposes).
  • More item details are shown in the crafting menu.

More features will come shortly…