First Gameplay Video

An introductory gameplay video has come up.

I love how, without any serious publicity or advertising yet, already a small community arose in Gardens of Gonzo. Those guys are paving the way to make the development of this game go forward by providing feedback, suggestions and bug reports.

In the past two weeks that the game is online (in pre-alpha state), there have already been major updates, fixes and feature implementations. I, as the developer of this game, am currently bound to implementing new features and fixing bugs. So I’m more than glad and thankful that a player undertook the task of making a small introductory gameplay video.

Check it out:

Thanks a lot to ZeroInFo56 for providing the video!

By the way, a new major feature will come up this week. It may have to do something with farming…
So keep tracking. 😉

And check out the game’s IndieDB profile!