Second Release – The Overhaul

A long time has passed since the first release of Gonzo. Now we’re back with a new name, a new look and lots of new features!


  • Server Reset:
    • The Seed of Gonzo is now Gardens of Gonzo
    • Due to massive changes in vital game systems many items became obsolete. Those you will not see again. On the other hand many new items made it into the game.
    • Some estates and worlds have been deleted. All items of all players (except for doors and labels) have been deleted.
    • All players have been reset to level 0 and teleported back to the Newbie Hut.
    • Due to some inconsistencies while importing the old homepage, the forum content is lost. Sorry for that.
    • The old game client won’t update itself anymore. Please download the new one.
  • What’s New:
    • Overhauled Combat-NPCs; They now have different behaviours and some even have special abilities.
    • New Features for Friendly NPCs; Introducing NPC dialogs and special char-changer (search the Witch) attributes.
    • Overhauled Combat System; There is a completely new damage calculation system. All combat-relevant values have been reworked.
    • New Items; Introducing Helmets, Shields, Ranged Weapons and Ammo.
    • Overhauled Crafting System; Lots of new resources, obtainable through different methods (mining, lumbering, combat…).
    • Greatly Improved Graphics Engine; new effects, lights, day/night-cycles, clouds, water shader…
    • Many New Skills.
    • Premium System Introduced. There is now a (growing) bunch of special features for premium players only.
  • Changes:
    • Server system messages aren’t logged in client.log any more (thus no more worldsave-notification-spamming).
    • Reworked farming graphics (seeds and plants).
    • Substantially improved world saving speed and safety.
    • Resolved issue where big packets lead to network congestions.
    • Added safety mode prompt when trying to delete a deco base object.
    • Lots of new graphics; mind the readme.txt for credits!
    • FPS-capping option to control CPU/GPU-load.
    • Players no longer lose gold on death.
    • Players can no longer have non-empty containers in their inventories.
  • Bugfixes: fixed various bugs, client and server crashes.

The new premium account system is being introduced now. You can upgrade your account via ingame dialog and use the premium features almost instantly. You can pay for a certain time period. There are no hidden fees, no micro payments.

  • Change speech text color at the Witch.
  • Change char pic and body at the Witch.
  • Substantially bigger ingame message in/outbox.
  • Significantly higher limit of pixels you can have on you (atm: ten times as much).
  • Three char slots instead of one.
  • Estate limit is three instead of one.
  • You can have 200 world rooms instead of 20.
  • Ethereal Storage – private access to special ‘virtual’ container from various points in the game world.
  • Additional optional ingame and email notifications.
  • Early Access to new and yet unfinished places through premium-only teleporters.

If you like this game a lot, please consider upgrading your account to premium. This will boost the development and will give you more features at a faster pace.

Check out the new features and please give us feedback in the forums. If you find a bug, please send me an ingame message.

Please note, that the homepage is not nearly complete, multiple sections like the features page or the guide need thorough enhancements. It’ll do for now.

Above all, have a nice Christmas!

See ya ingame,

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