Monthly Archives: September 2014


Yep, this project is actually alive.

It may not seem like it though. But Gonzo is being worked at diligently.

It’s got a new graphics engine that should provide much better frame rates and gives us the opportunity to build in lighting, weather and other nice effects more easily.
Based on the knowledge we’ve gained from the first release in March this year, we are currently overhauling inventory, economy, combat, crafting, character development, loot, items – basically a lot of stuff. There will be new regions in the game world, waiting for players to explore. NPC dialogs and first quests will be introduced, along with the potential to create your own. Thousands of new graphic textures have been added to the game – be sure to check out the readme file for credits and links.

Game server and client are under development. You can log on, build stuff and play the game as far as it goes at this point. You may encounter crashes (in fact, we’ve fixed a few just recently). Things may be odd; especially if you log on in a time when changes on the live server happen. Please be aware that, in this development time and until further notice, your items (dynamic objects in your possession) may be removed from the server when they get obsolete or replaced. When the character system changes, skill points and runes may be lost. Anyhow, when the 2nd release goes officially on-line, all player characters will be fully resetted to level 0, all their dynamic belongings will be removed. This wipe does not include static constructions on your estates or worlds. We reserve the right, however, to delete estates and worlds that we find to be not that much sophisticated. But don’t worry. If you have built even the simplest of recognisable structure (like a small house or even just a storage), you’re safe.

We plan to get that 2nd release live somewhere in the later months this year. Every player who already has an account will be notified via email. A full list of changes since the last change log will be issued at release time.

That’s it for now. See ya later!