Gardens of Gonzo is currently in pre-alpha state.

The game will go (non-pre-)alpha, when I feel confident that most basic bugs and inconsistencies are fixed and at least the massively-multiplayer functionality and basic gameplay features have been thoroughly stress-tested.

The game will reach beta status when the quest creator feature is implemented and working, as this will mark a big milestone for the development.

Game Features

Oldschool 2D Graphics Extensively Enhanced by the Game Engine
  • Mirror, Resize, Rotate, Dye or Animate Basic Textures
  • Various Shaders to create Nice Effects
  • Global Lighting, Day/Night-Cycles, Clouds!
  • Light Sources
Fast and Responsive Real-Time Combat
  • No target lock-on.
  • Pixel-exact collision checks.
  • Use your abilities and hit where you hit!
  • Specialize by spending you skill points properly.
  • Make use of a variety of gear items like weapons, armors, ammo or consumables that come in different tiers.
Melee Combat

Slash away Zelda-style, knock your enemies back and eventually cut them into pieces. All this power at the click of a mouse button. Be sure to use the right tool for the job.

Ranged Combat

Archers! Hold! Fire!


Are you more comfortable keeping a distance to enemies? Grab a ranged weapon and start shootin’.


Oh wait…don’t forget the right ammo.


Mitigate damage with a shiny armor, but be aware: heavy armors slow you down!


Safety first! Decrease incoming critical damage with a helmet.


Want to be a pure melee fighter? Grab a shield instead of a ranged weapon and shake off even more of a beating.

Resource Gathering, Refining and Item Crafting


Construction Toolkit for Players
Plant Seeds and Harvest the Crops
Character System with Experience, Skills and Runes
Challenging Enemies
Helpful NPCs
helpful npcs

Planned Features, Goals and Work in Progress

  • Special Moves and Attacks, Rage
  • More diverse and challenging NPC behaviour
  • Repaint-tool for the toolbox
  • Custom trigger system: arbitrarily connect activator and actor objects
  • Unlocking the content creator (make your own animations, upload graphics and sounds); still needs some testing
  • More Quests
  • Quest Creator for the toolbox
  • Rating function for constructions and quests
  • Regular contests with in-game and real-life prizes for best rated players per rating term
  • Pets/Followers
  • More shaders and graphic effects
  • Support for different platforms, such as Linux and Mac OS
  • Party/Guild System – Team up, fight and build together
  • more stuff…

The goal is not only to create an old-school online RPG experience with newer technical features, but also to enable creative players and (pixel-)artists to present their work on a central platform that already is a game, and get the appreciation they deserve.