Monthly Archives: March 2014

Small Update

Just fixed some urgent issues.


  • Bugfix: Items in Merchant NPCs’ inventories should again be fully repaired.
  • Again, doubled the drop chance for all crafting resource objects.
  • Lowered Berry Bush hitpoints from 7 to 4.


  • Bugfix: Trade windows should now close on death.
  • Repair window text also shows on mouse-over-object, not just when grabbing.
  • Fixed client prediction for item repair.

Crafting Part 3

Random Item Modifiers and New Skills implemented!


Another crafting-related update is live! It contains the following:

  • Item +x modifiers.
  • Four new construction tree skill branches.
  • A skill reset NPC.
  • Equipped gear of other players is now visible in the right-click context window.
  • Constructions runes are now granted for crafting/repairing/disassembly actions.

Item Modifiers
Items like weapons and armors can now yield a modifier in the range from -3 to +5. The +-x value means, that there are altogether x points added to or deducted from any of the raw values of weapons or armors. Skill prerequisite checks are only done on base values. If your skills allows to wield sharpness tier 5 weapons, you can still wield a “Sharpness Tier 5 + 2” weapon, dealing damage and effects of sharpness tier 7. On the contrary, a “Sharpness Tier 4 – 1” weapon still needs the skill for tier 4, but deals only tier 3 damage. Values like length and stability affect stamina drain and attack frequency. However, again only the base values are taken into account for that. So a “Length 3 + 1” weapon hits as fast as a normal “Length 3” weapon, while having a greater range. Nice, isn’t it? Also, the coin value of weapons and armors is affected by modifiers.

  • NPCs now have a chance to drop -3 to +1 gear.
  • NPC Merchants only spawn normal gear in their trade inventory.
  • You can acquire gear up to +5 by crafting. You need luck and skill, though. Without skill, the base chance to craft an item with a positive modifier is 5% and you’ll only be able to craft +1 gear. So start distributing skill points in the construction tree.

New Skills
There are 4 new skill branches in the construction tree. They do the following:

  • Reduce pixel and resource cost for crafting and repairing.
  • Increase pixel and resource return when disassembling items.
  • Enable +2, +3, +4 and +5 modifiers for crafting.
  • Increase the chance for applying modifiers on crafting.

The Witch
A new NPC that grants skill resets for a fee.

Players’ Gear
You can now see what other players are wearing and wielding by right-clicking on them.

Whoah, now that was quite an update. I guess there will be some overpowered combinations of weapons/armors with those modifiers – tweaking is inevitable in the future. But so far, I hope you have fun with the new features.

Have a nice Sunday!

Crafting Part 2

You can now craft and repair items!

Another update today:

  • There are now crafting tools: the Anvil and the Armor Rack. You can craft melee weapons and armors on those items, respectively.
  • Those crafting tools come in two different quality levels: basic and advanced. You can buy all of them at the Caravan Merchant. Basic tools let you craft the lower-tier items. The advanced tools don’t have those constraints. You’ll need at least an estate to use your own tools, since they have to be fixed on owned property for usage.
  • However, there is a basic anvil and armor rack next zu Znulf’s Finest Flotsam.
  • You can now repair items with the respective tool.
  • Introduced a pixel-limit of 1.000.000.
  • The most-pixels statistic doesn’t make much sense with a pixel limit, so it’s gone.
  • Modified the slash frequency formula. Heavier weapons (i.e. longer and more stable) now have a lower attack rate.
  • Nerfed the Lawnmower skill a bit.


What’s up next:

  • Random modifiers for crafted items – should bring a lot more diversity into the game!
  • Magical modifiers for crafted items, along with new special crafting resources.
  • New skills for crafting/repairing/disassembly.

Crafting Part 1

Server and client update!

The update includes:

  • You can now disassemble items using the melting pot at Znulf’s. Disassembling items grants pixels and possibly even crafting resources. Later on, the melting pot can be bought/found for personal use on private property.
  • A few new items have been added to NPC loot! Those are mostly crafting resources, so stockpile them for later.
  • Some minor fixes.


Further crafting features will be made public shortly…