Another Update

Mostly bugfixes and container locks.


  • Fixed a client crash that occurred, when using Q on an open container item in inventory.
  • Fixed a client crash that occurred, when dragging items from the player trade window.
  • Fixed a bug where no auto-aggro NPC in the vicinity would attack you.
  • Using Q on items that are in a container in the inventory now transfers the items to the inventory.
  • Close containers with another click on the container item.
  • Line-of-sight checks introduced for NPC and player trade.
  • Containers can now be locked. Normal ownership rules apply.
    So if you lock a fixed container on your property, no other player can take stuff from it. But if you give the container to another player, he or she will be the new owner and will be able to open it.
    Note: players can still put stuff into a locked container by dragging items over the container object. That way you can use locked containers like a mailbox.

Sorry for the delay on the promised farming feature. I had to sort some things out in my personal life this week.