Late Easter Update

I’m feeling a bit social today…

Finally, an update again! Today it’s all about making friends and communicating with them.
You can now go near other players to make a friend request.


The other player is then asked if he or she wants to accept – just like when trading with each other.


If the other player accepts, the both of you are friends! You can see all your friends with a click on the social button.


In the social window you can manage your friends – show information, send a message or remove the friend.


You can also decide to provide your online status and even your current region for your friends here. In the example above, Horsti checked both checkboxes. The region will be updated every few seconds.

In addition, you can now send text messages to and receive them from your friends!


The message will be sent instantly and the recipient will get a notification. Text messages are stored on the server, so you can send them to offline players. They will be able to read them as soon as they go online. Use the Messages button to show, delete and reply to messages.


Hope you had a nice Eastern. Enjoy the new features, more is coming!