Monthly Archives: April 2014

Mutex Aftershock

Good News!

What a night. Most bugs that came in through implementing the new mutex system should be fixed. That includes broken world saves and NPC spawners that didn’t do their jobs anymore.

On top of it, the sheep flu is over! Man, that was a tough one.

You may continue building again!
I will occasionally shut down and restart the server in a controlled manner to double-check worldsaves, but I am confident that world-saving is stable again.

Have a nice day!

What is happening?!

Oh noes!

I know, there has just been drought due to the deadlock fixing. But another serious issue came up!
Every living being on Gonzo seems to have mutated into a sheep.

Players, traders…


…cave goblins. Even Znulf ?! Oh my. (Sorry, didn’t mean to stare!)


Maybe the witch has an explanati…ahhww – never mind, ma’am.


We are not quite sure, how to handle this. Is this a strange bug? Did a hacker do this? Or is it an infection – the sheep flu? Maybe there was something is those berries! Sure as hell, everyone of us had some. I wish, I could do something with those hooves…

Also, the world save function seems to have a problem. I had to reactivate a worldsave from 02:07 today. Sorry for that. Please don’t build big stuff until this is fixed!

The Big Deadlock Battle

Server up again!


The fight was long and arduous, but we prevailed. Many sources for crashes and deadlocks could be defeated – the World of Gonzo is now in peace again. The server should run more stable now. In the screenshot above we celebrate this fact – by slaying hundreds of goblins (we’ve put in some extra spawns for the occasion) while having over 10.000 dynamic objects laying around…

It would be daring of me to promise that the server won’t crash or won’t fall into some deadlock again. But at least we were able to develop kind of a best practice on how to handle threads and locks. On top of it, the server is running in kind of a debug mode – regarding threads and mutexes. This takes up a bit more CPU usage, but gives us useful details on occurring deadlocks.

Also, I want y’all to welcome Lithion! He is now an active team member and will be responsible for general content and concept development, world building and community supervision. And every now and then, for the slicing of hundreds of goblins. For fun- eehh testing purposes, of course!