More fixes!

Hey guys!
The server is online again with lots of internal fixes and refinements. Hopefully, this has further increased the server stability.

The update contains:

  • Bugfix: Dropdown-mouse-over recognition – you should now be able to select all elements from dropdown menus (e.g. in the teleporter editor context).
  • Bugfix: Servercrash when selling stacks of items to NPCs.
  • Bugfix: The quick-item-pickup should now stack correctly – partially filled stacks should now be filled correctly, even if there is no free inventory slot.
  • Various internal fixes and refinements regarding multithreading; parallel processing is a tough nut!
  • You can now see the name of every dynamic object on-screen by pressing SHIFT. Useful for small items or objects behind trees and such.
  • We now have a new, more reliable debug server, thanks to Lithion. This enables us to test new features and fixes before applying them to the live server.

Sorry that there wasn’t much contact from my side with the community lately. But when serious discomfort comes up, like a defective world save function or server crashing issues, then I have to crawl into my cave and can’t let anything get to me, not even sleep or food, before I made at least moderate progress on solving the problem.

Thanks for your bug reports though! That stuff is really helpful.