Don’t worry, we’re not dead!

Not even close!

Sorry for the long drought – we had to figure out, and fix some more, server related bugs and even more multithreading issues. So a lot of programming done in the last week happened in “the background”. I’m cautiously satisfied with the server performance at this moment, so new features for you, the players, are just about to be implemented.


As a little treat for you new window graphics have been integrated – actually transparent ones. Check them out! In addition, there is a bunch of new dynamic door objects, among them wooden and metal gates with new sounds. They are available at the Caravan Trader.

Also, Lithion is currently building on a whole new area in the World of Gonzo for you to explore. I don’t want to reveal too much at this point, but it will be a different climate and vegetation than you know from Noob Island – so stay tuned!