Quite a few fixes.

The latest client and server update contains:

  • Introduced small delays for certain actions such as using items, quick pickup, disassembling,… to reduce network load.
  • Internally reworked the quick pickup function so it needs less traffic and doesn’t block the server networking thread.
  • Fixed some issues that led to server crashes when killing NPCs.
  • Expanded H(ide GUI) to a 3-way function. First: everything is visible. Second: some texts are hidden – useful for editor mode. Third: all GUI elements are hidden.
  • Hide-Region flag now available for players – regions with that flag are blacked out on the map (not for the owner and admins, they see everything).
  • You can now turn off the construction sounds in the options menu.
  • New flag for sound source triggers: “Random Start” – If set, the sound won’t go off in the very moment you enter the listening radius, but will start after some random time in between the provided playback times.
  • Bugfix: transparent objects that are decoration of combined objects are now rendered correctly (they were rendered twice before, so they seemed less transparent).
  • Bugfix: transparent objects on the ground layer are now rendered correctly.
  • Bugfix: Deco objects with animated base objects on the ground layer should now be rendered correctly.
  • Bugfix: Animated deco objects with base objects on the ground layer should now be rendered correctly.

As always, before posting bugs please read this thread to avoid redundant bug reports.