The Challenge System! Sorry for the long waiting time.


  • What’s New:
    • NPC loot, pixel, runes and exp are now given to the player who did the most damage.
    • Destructible (Ore, Trees, Bushes…) loot and pixel are now given to the player who did the most damage (object remembers up to 10 seconds after the last hit).
    • The Challenge System
      • There are many challenges now that give score points on stage completion.
      • There is a wide variety of challenges, connected to topics like combat, crafting, construction, exploration, social interaction and many more…
      • The interface isn’t complete yet; there will be a window that shows all of your challenges, stage progression, cooldown times and so on in the next update.
      • One of the next updates will bring statistics back – but not with character levels or owned pixels, but with player’s scores.
  • Changes:
    • Items that drop to the ground after player trades are now reserved for the players.
    • No more runes for feeding plants, but more runes for harvesting them.
    • New background graphics for crafting and container windows.
    • Increased pixel gain from destructibles.
    • No more rune/exp/challenge-points for spamming static objects. The next object only counts if it’s different than the object placed before (different graphic,color,rotation..).
    • Nerfed Mod Chance skill a little.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Freshly created worlds now show in the teleporter dialog.
    • Fixed wrong disassembly error message.


  • If auto-feeding is enabled and you have multiple chars, the growing time bonus from the char with the best Fast Growing skill is used.
  • If auto-feeding is enabled and you have multiple chars, the premium containers of all chars are considered when searching for nutrients.
  • There are special premium challenges!

If you like this game a lot, please consider upgrading your account to premium. This will boost the development and will give you more features, content and regions to explore at a faster pace.

Check out the new features and please give us feedback in the forums. If you find an exploit, please send me an ingame message.

See ya ingame,