Monday morning update. The next one will contain a super duper new feature.


  • What’s New:
    • Item Re-Buy at NPCs.
      Re-Buy price is always double the standard selling price to prevent possible exploit through Salesman skill.
      The Re-Buy “container” is emptied every three minutes or when it’s full, so it shouldn’t be used as storage.
    • Use SHIFT + Q or Drag/Drop to un-stack item stacks.
  • Changes:
    • Increased stack sizes of various items.
  • Bugfixes:
    • Fixed a disassembly exploit.
    • New or changed estates should now be transferred correctly.
    • Fixed wrong tiles being displayed on entering The Playne.


  • There is now a delay of 10 seconds between plant growing ingame notifications to prevent spamming.

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Check out the new features and please give us feedback in the forums. If you find an exploit, please send me an ingame message.

See ya ingame,