Seemingly a smaller update…appearances are deceiving. 😉


  • What’s New:
    • As promised: the Challenge Window.
    • Statistics will come soon…
  • Changes:
    • To boldly go…-Challenge changed. Visiting worlds of the same owner counts only once.
    • Welcome!-Challenge changed. Every visiting player counts only once, independent of how many of your worlds he or she has visited.
    • Due to changes in the challenge system, challenges have been reset. Sorry for that!
    • NPCs won’t spam statements as much – there is now a delay of 10 seconds.
    • Some internal worldsave optimizations.

If you like this game a lot, please consider upgrading your account to premium. This will boost the development and will give you more features, content and regions to explore at a faster pace.

Check out the new features and please give us feedback in the forums. If you find an exploit, please send me an ingame message.

A word on wipe…
Apparently, there are concerns regarding future wipes and since this is still a pre-alpha, those concerns aren’t unjustified. All I can say at this point is this: No wipe is planned as of now. There isn’t even a reason on the far horizon. The last wipe was necessary, because some very, very basic functionality of the game changed. Elaborate estates/worlds were never and won’t ever be subject to any wipe. Premium expiration won’t delete estates/worlds, but other measures will be implemented (such as: inability to build additional stuff, if you’re over your limits; but that’s not yet decided).

See ya ingame,