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Based in Munich, Germany

Founding date:
March, 2014


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Gardens of Gonzo is a classic free-to-play MMORPG that picks up the nostalgic and carefree spirit of Zelda and Ultima Online and combines them with a powerful player-driven sandbox to a whole new MMO experience.

Slash away and shoot enemies in real-time, gather resources and craft handy items. Solve quests, level up and develop your character. Gardens of Gonzo doesn't stop there; get an estate and start building - a dark cave, a comfortable house or a luxurious castle; a mythical grove, a menacing swamp, some heavenly plane or a tidy rocket base? Create characters, dialogs and quests for other players to play! Upload own graphics, sounds and music into the game to create unforeseen and ever new atmospheres. Start showing off own ideas and styles and blow other people's minds. Participate in various contests for extra benefits and attention.



The inspiration for Gardens of Gonzo came from the love of the developer for old-school games like Zelda and the fascination of massive multiplayer role playing games like Ultima Online. But some aspects were always left out of the big picture of other games. What if players could be really creative? What if they could create their very own worlds, their own stories? What if they could even bring in own content and what if all that could happen inside the persistent context of an MMO game? Many 'What if?'s. The answer was an own game, and so the development began.

Recent History

The general concept emerged around the end of 2011 and was being mapped out, worked at and developed since then. Gardens of Gonzo went online March 2014 publicly for the first time. Many updates later, the game is very well playable; and although not every detail is implemented yet, the game already has got lots of features and places to explore.


  • Old-school 2D graphics from beautiful pixel art, combined with modern effects like shaders and lights.
  • Fast-paced and responsive real-time combat.
  • Resource gathering from different spots and spawns, some more abundant, some very rare.
  • Crafting: resources and crafting stations are used to craft items that are either useful or can at least be sold for a profit.
  • Farming: players can find seeds and grow various plants in their gardens.
  • Character system with experience, levels and skills.
  • Social features: trade or become friends with players to see if they're online and where they are.
  • Players can buy estates and worlds, build their very own constructions and control the environment.
  • Players can upload their own graphics and sounds and can then use those resources to build, craft or customize!
  • Eventually, players will be able to create own NPCs with dialogs and quests that other player can play!
  • Platform: only Windows so far, but support for other platforms is planned.


There are currently no trailers available for Gardens of Gonzo. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (19MB)

There are far more images available for Gardens of Gonzo, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. There are some additional, slightly smaller images in the downloadable .zip-archive. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!

download logo files as .zip (5MB)

The downloadable .zip-archive contains two hi-res logos, one with the orange shape and one without. It also contains the .svg-file, so you can adjust colors or turn layers (like the orange shape) on/off as you see fit for your medium.

Awards & Recognition

Gardens of Gonzo has not received any awards or recognitions yet. Please check back later to see if things change.

Selected Articles

  • "I've played a bit, and I like it a lot even in this pre-alpha stage. I think this game has a lot of potential to be really awesome."
    - Iquisitor, IndieDB
  • "This game is spectacular."
    - ZeroInFo56, IndieDB
  • "This game is just awesome"
    - p3pe, Gardens of Gonzo Forum
  • "[..]Gardens of Gonzo sets itself apart with a feature list that would rival even the biggest AAA RPG games of today."
    - XMMORPG, xmmorpg.com
  • "It’s exactly the casual RPG that might become addictive."
    - Alexandru Chirila, Softpedia

IndieDB Profile
The game's IndieDB profile: indiedb.com.

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The game's GameJolt profile: gamejolt.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborator

Georg Schulz
Idea, Owner, Creator, Programming

Daniel Klengel
Concept Design, World Design, Character Design, Invaluable Help, Good Friend

David Bauer
GUI Graphic Design, Philosophical and Spiritual Input, Good Friend

Michael Kummer
Game Soundtrack, Testing and Feedback, Good Friend

Countless other persons who provided their art for free!
Ingame Graphics and Sounds



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