Some changes, additions and fixes

The update contains:

  • Automatic line breaks in text input windows. The automatic line break right now is per-character. This will be improved to make it break per-word in the future.
  • Remaining effect duration is now shown.
  • Changed some text colors in the message window (From:, To:, Subject:) to make it a bit more appealing.
  • Deco base objects are now shown when being in editor -> object -> deco mode and hovering over a deco object.
  • Bugfix: Un-fixing non-planted seeds won’t destroy them anymore.
  • Bugfix: Dynamically updated objects (such as opened doors) are now correctly updated, even if no player is around (fixes the doors-not-closing-if-too-far-away-bug).
  • Fixed rendering of deco objects when the base object isn’t on-screen. However, if the base object is too far away (like 1 room or more), there are still some rendering issues, so don’t connect deco objects with base objects too far away.
  • Refreshed buff, Exhausted debuff and Frozen debuff weakened.
  • Haste buff strengthened.