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    Wow really great work dude :)
    ive been playing games for a long time now and this one got a huge potential!
    Made me addicted instantly … sweet 2d graphics and nice glowing effets, so much love for the detail.
    Pretty good mechanics and a nice play flow. I really hope this is just the beginning !
    To be true it feels like playing offline ^^ if anyone out there still playing be my guest :)
    For everyone new give it a try :)

    Grüße, ich hoffe du bleibst dran, hast es drauf mein freund :)


    Hey you and welcome!

    Thanks for the kind words! Posts like these really give a lot of motivation and I’ll try to free some more time to develop Gardens of Gonzo further.

    Ich bleibe dran. 😉



    schön zu hören :) ich bleib dran ^^
    falls ich irgendwie helfen kann sag bescheid …bisschen werbung machen und stärken-schwächenanalyse
    kann ich gut :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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